Plant: Arbinogalactan

Arabinogalactan-AG-WesternLarchArabinogalactan (AG)

What is it? Arabinogalactans have long been used as a dietary fiber and have recently been shown to significantly boost the immune system. Arabinogalactan (AG) is a unique polysaccharide, or complex carbohydrate.

Where does it come from? Arabinogalactans have been part of the human diet for thousands of years. They have been detected in seeds, leaves, roots, fruit and xylem sap of representatives of all higher plant families. Dietary sources of arabinogalactans include leek seed, carrot, radish, pear, maize, wheat, and tomato. Sources also include medicinal herbs such as Echinacea species, Baptisia tinctoria, Curcuma longa, and Angelica acutiloba, which are cultivated all over the world.

In trees, arabinogalactans are widely present as minor, water-soluble components of softwoods such as hemlock, black spruce, parana pine, mugo pine, Douglas fir, incense cedar, and juniper. The major commercial sources of arabinogalactan are the North American larch trees.

Immune System Benefits

Studies indicate that Arabinogalactan has immune enhancing properties, which have demonstrated great results in the prevention and building of a more responsive immune system. It is also used as a therapeutic agent for many different health concerns including cancer, chronic viral infections, colon health, H. pylori, and other surprising uses.

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