New Number Story

Dear Friends and Family,

I know how incredibly irritating this is to have to update my cell number — AGAIN! I never, ever thought there would be a third time, ugh. BUT, let me quickly explain WHY?!

The first attempt at changing services did not work, as most of you know, so I went back to Verizon… HOWEVER, just 3 days after obtaining my new cell and phone number Verizon began running a SPECIAL that would have SAVED ME A TON OF MONEY!!

Well, what I found out is because I was still in the 14-day return, no questions asked, window, I was able to return the phone I just got and get the EXACT SAME ONE but I could not keep the same number (stupid, I know). SO, I was able to save $220 by making the change and to me, it was worth it.

I am so sorry for the hassle but I will deeply appreciate your understanding and patience. I do not expect to have to go through this again for a VERY LONG TIME!

So, for what I hope will TRULY BE THE LAST TIME, please update my cell phone number to:

970 556 3549

And, while you are here, if you want to make sure you have my current address it is:

4312 Silverview Ct., Fort Collins, CO 80526

Email is (they all go to the same place but just in case you can build in either of these three and will be good to go):

amy dot moore at me dot com

willow at fieldandherbs dot com

fieldandherbs at gmail dot com

**spelled it out to keep spam bots from grabbing my email address


I appreciate you all!!!

Willow (Amy)