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Zenlogy Quarter 9×13 Size Parchment Sheets Unbleached


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WHY ZENLOGY PARCHMENT – Our Non-toxic vegetable Silicone coated Greaseproof Parchment baking sheets provide the perfect fit for your 9x13 Sheets Pans with easy storage in a perforated box. Ours outperform any other parchment sheets in the market. Others have not perfected the art of exact size parchment as we have.

WILL NOT BURN OR CURL - Thicker than other parchment paper sheets in the market so it won't tear, curl, or burn. Can be used for other uses besides baking. For example, it’s great for freezing, fish wrap baking, and for use in a dehydrator.

NONTOXIC - Zenlogy parchment paper sheets are unbleached, non-toxic, greaseproof and biodegradable. Although we only recommend for one time use, our customers have reported that they often use it 2-3 times before discarding it.

EASY STORAGE - Our sheets lay flat and comes in a perforated box for easy storage and use. Keeps your bakeware clean.

HIGH HEAT BAKING - Recommended for use up to 450 deg Fahrenheit. Has a light non-toxic vegetable grade silicone coating to make it greaseproof. Other parchment paper sheets are made from Quilon which is a chemical.