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Guy Gone Keto Hickory BBQ Sauce infused with MCT Oil, 2 pack


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HIGHLY VERSATILE CONDIMENT USED FOR DIPPING, COOKING, & MARINADING. Guy Gone Keto condiments are all-purpose and ready-to-eat. Each container is 14 oz. and is made using low foot-print packaging.

KETO-FRIENDLY, PALEO/PRIMAL, & SUITABLE FOR LCHF DIETS. This condiment will become a staple in your kitchen if you're on Keto, Paleo, or a LCHF diet! Try our other Guy Gone Keto flavors, visit our store or search for: Ketchup, Steak Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, and Sweet Thai Chili Sauce.

MADE WITH MTC OIL & DELIVERS INCREDIBLE FLAVOR. Guy Gone Keto condiments are the super versions of their classic and conventional counterparts. This small-batch made condiment is not only more elevated and artisinal than the "junk food" version, but is also made with MTC oil. Recent research has shown that MTC oil offers a dozen of health benefits.

MADE WITH A BALANCED BLEND OF ALLULOSE, MONKFRUIT & STEVIA. Allulose is a rare natural sugar with just 5% of the calories of regular sugar. It’s a safe, non-caloric, non-glycemic sweetener that delivers the familiar, pleasing flavor and texture of sugar, but without the risks. The FDA requires it to be listed as an “added sugar,” but the fact is allulose, like stevia and monk fruit, has no effect on blood glucose levels. Allulose is not metablized by your body.

ALL NATURAL, HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS, & 100% MADE IN PORTLAND, OREGON, USA. Complete ingredient list: water, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, allulose, stevia, monkfruit, MCT oil, spices, natural flavors, locust bean gum.