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Annie’s Naturals Organic Yellow Mustard


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Add a Little Mustard Spice in Your Daily Food

Annie's Homegrown Organic Yellow Mustard is a traditional natural seasoning with condiments that can add zing to your food and remove the monotony from the daily meals. It contains healthy ingredients that add a tangy and smooth seasoning. It is USDA- and Oregon Tilth-certified organic seasoning.

Completely natural spice
Scrumptious and flavorsome
Has a tangy flavor
Annie's Homegrown Organic Yellow Mustard contains all contents that are good for your body and stomach such as water, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, clove. These are all organic ingredients that leave healthy effects on the body while appealing to your taste buds. This tangy sauce can go with all most of your favorite foods.

Just For You: The entire family

Essential Elements: Annies Homegrown Organic Yellow Mustard contains yellow mustard seed, tangy white vinegar, and spices that gives a special blend of flavor to your cuisines.

Free of: Sweeteners, artificial colors or preservatives, harmful ingredients, soya, dairy content, and gluten.