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Oat Grass Whole Leaf Powder

Oat grass is found in parts of Europe, specifically the Mediterranean regions. It can grow up to a meter and a half in height and commonly is identified by its yellow roots. Some mistake it for a wild oat, which is how it came to be called oat grass. Cows and horses love this stuff. People don’t exactly have the same digestive enzymes as horses and cows, so oat grass can be a difficult superfood to eat. This is why a low temp, dehydrated oat grass powder is more beneficial for human consumption.

Oat grass comes from the same family as barley grass and wheatgrass. This is known as the “cereal grass family.” All of these grasses are used medicinally around the world. While it is known to be used medicinally for cows and horses, humans also reap lots of healthy benefits from oat grass.

Oat grass is a superfood. While it might not always make everyone’s top superfood lists, that’s only because oat grass just isn’t super well known. Oat grass contains a load of vitamins and minerals, all of which are vital to human function. In its organic form, it is unrivaled with its nutrient density prowess.

Vitamins K, C, A and E are all heavily present in Oat grass. That means great skin, a boosted immune system, stronger bones, less risks of heart disease and improved reproductive health. It also contains beta-carotene for improved vision health and an assortment of B vitamins. Folic acid, calcium, iron and protein are all present as well.

Oat grass is a good source of fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer and helps your digestive track stay healthy.

30% of Oat grass is amino acid based, which means your body is infused with the base of protein. Vegans should note, this is not a viable protein replacement as it isn’t considered “complete,” but it remains a great way to get protein.

Could oat grass make your brain sharper or maybe even protect it from age-related issues? It seems as though it can. A 2012 study showed that oat grass supplements helped improve cognitive abilities. Improving your cognitive, brain health should be a priority for everyone.

Can Oat Grass reduce or eliminate nicotine cravings?

A Scottish study from the 70’s showed that oat grass reduced nicotine cravings in current smokers. And many quit without being asked to quit

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