Essential Oil Survival First Aid Cards

Plant-Survival-Kit-FieldandHerbsWe will provide you with all the information and designs you need to create your own essential oil survival kit! We’ve designed 48 single essential oil information cards, 1 disclaimer card, 1 essential oil safety card, and 1 title card. We’ve also included product suggestions that work beautifully to develop this kit. You can download all 51 cards in one zip file below. Be sure to review our guidelines for usage. What are you waiting for? Start your plant-based survival kit today!


(1) No one has permission to sell/profit from the cards in any manner (with the exception of Moo, who will print the cards).

(2) Please do not alter the cards in any manner.

(3) The disclaimer card is not optional and must be a part of every set printed.

(4) Please read our disclaimer and terms of use (links to both found at the bottom of every page on our website). Use of the cards is a binding agreement to these terms and disclaimer.

(5) If you want to share the designs with others, online, please provide a link back to this page.

(6) Please do not use the cards as social media graphics. They were designed for printing only. (This does not include the use of the title card when sharing the link on social media outlets).

(7) We’ve done our best to triple check (actually they went through 4 spelling check sessions) the spelling on every single card. However, we are human and are not incapable of errors. We are not responsible for any errors on any of the cards.

(8) We are not affiliated with ANY essential oil company. Who you select is a matter of personal choice but we encourage you to take this matter seriously and select organic and/or pure essential oils. Do your research to ensure they are third-party tested and do not contain synthetics and other unwanted harmful-chemicals/additives/fillers. This is very important. The majority of essential oil injuries are due to synthetics in the oil and others are due to user error. Take time to know how to properly select and use an essential oil.

The Cards

Our informational cards are designed to print perfectly with Moo’s Square Business Cards (2.71 card size, trimmed they end up as a 2.56″ x 2.56″ square). Why did we choose Moo? Because Moo allows you to have FIFTY DIFFERENT backs to their business cards! We were not able to find another printer that allowed this at a reasonable price. So, Moo, it is! We also love the quality of their printing, the colors come out vibrant and the quality of the card is top notch. Be sure to select a thicker card quality so they will last you a long time. (Click/Touch here to go to

Use a 1/4 inch hole punch to punch a hole in each card and then place them on a ring (see supplies below).

Here is a preview of all 50 cards (there are 51 in the download file because 1 card becomes the title/front of all the other cards)


Please ensure you understand what a ZIP file is and how to unzip the file to obtain the 51 PNG image files. We strongly recommend downloading and unzipping on a desktop/laptop computer and not a mobile device. These are HIGH-QUALITY 300 DPI images that will take up a good amount of space on a mobile device. Many mobile devices are not equipped to unzip a file and will require a special APP to unzip the file. Again, we strongly urge you to save this file on a laptop/desktop computer.

>>>> Click/Touch HERE to download the ZIP FILE containing all 51 cards <<<<


We always recommend that everyone dilute their essential oils. Essential oils are powerful and you achieve the same benefits whether they are diluted or not. You are essentially wasting your money when you do not dilute to expand the life of the bottle of oil you have purchased. Diluting an oil does not lessen the strength of that oil. It is, however, a matter of safety. Please explore the safety of essential oils by consulting various resources and coming to a decision that makes you comfortable with their use. Do not rely on any one person or “expert” to make this decision for you… explore multiple sources.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 11.25.30 AM

First Aid Kit (lots of amazing colors and designs to select from, the picture to the left shows just one of many):

12 slot Mini EO Cases (to put inside the First Aid Kit from above, we prefer this one because the oil bottles will sit upright within the case that is placed inside the first aid bag):

5 ml bottles:

Labels for Singles:

Rings to hold cards together:

1/4 inch hole punch:

Carrier Oils (which one you select to dilute your EO’s with is a matter of personal choice, they are all good):      

        Jojoba Oil:

        Fractionated Coconut Oil:

        Olive Oil:

        Sweet Almond Oil:

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