Peanut Butter Candy, Low Carb, Keto

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I've literally made a version of this about 12 times trying to nail it! I finally did and now am sharing with all of you! This has everything you are hoping for... creamy, sweet, chocolatey, and does not crumble! It is the perfect balance of flavors. It is also wonderful for making buckeyes for the holidays! Bookmark or print this recipe so you'll always have it handy. Be sure to come back and let me know how you liked it.

Peppy Peppermint Chocolates, Low Carb, Keto

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These chocolates are perfect when you are craving little bites of peppermint heaven! At just 1.4 net carbs (2.2 g total) you can indulge a little without feeling guilty. You could put 4 in a little chocolate box to give as a gift to a friend or co-worker. You could take one or two to a party so you can enjoy a little sweet treat with the rest of the guests. You could also use a few to decorate the top of a birthday cake! So many possibilities. We love that they are quick and easy to make and hope you enjoy!