Plant: Cayenne Pepper

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The interest in peppers extends to their nutritive and medicinal value in that peppers are a recognized source of Vitamins C and E and are high in antioxidants. These compounds are associated with prevention of... continue reading on our blog

Plant: Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera has long been used in folk medicine. It’s known mostly for being able to aid in the healing process of cuts and burns. It’s also known to moisturize and soften the skin. Aloe vera is also one of many anthelmintics. These are substances that destroy or... continue reading on our blog

Parasites, Gut Health, Cleanse, and You

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Having a parasite can be a scary thought. However, you are not alone — you’d be shocked at how often intestinal parasites are to blame for ongoing health issues, from digestive symptoms, to insomnia, to skin issues, and more. In this blog post we will discuss the possibility of your contracting a parasite, how it compromises the gut, and a 40-day parasite cleanse.