Steamed Spinach

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The directions for this recipe come from a 1930s Westinghouse oven manual. When purchasing your spinach, be sure to select young, fresh spinach. The cooking time will be longer with older spinach. This dish is lovely tossed with a touch of sea salt and organic, grass-fed butter and served with a lemon slice.

How Inflammation Affects the Body

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Natural Support for Inflammation Inflammation is the body’s way to protect itself; the goal being to remove harmful irritants and begin the healing process. This means that when we get injured or become sick, one of our body’s healing mechanisms is to swell and become inflamed in hopes of pushing out and removing the toxins. In some cases, inflammation is acute, meaning it has a quick onset and only lasts for a few days to a week. This includes sore throats, headaches, appendicitis, bronchitis, etc. Chronic inflammation is more serious as it is a long-term issue, like asthma, arthritis to ulcers. Continue reading on our blog...