Grains, Starches, Sugars, and Keto, oh my!

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Grains, starches, and sugars are all pretty taboo when following a ketogenic lifestyle. These three types of foods can be very confusing, especially when first beginning the Keto journey. You will find that it becomes increasingly necessary to read labels and learn the names of (including “hidden” or not so common names of) each of these types of foods. Some types can fall into more than one category and that’s okay. The important issue is to become familiar with most of the names on today’s blog post. Be sure to bookmark the page so you can come back and refer to it often. Especially while you shop!

The State of Our Food Supply

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Once upon a time we had to hunt or forage for our food, then we learned to grow some of it – we still knew exactly where our food came from.  We either grew it ourselves, or bought it from someone who grew it – we were maybe one or two people removed from the provider of our food.