Baking Keto's Cajun Seasoning Blend

Course: Seasoning
Cuisine: Cajun
Keyword: Blend, Cajun, Cayenne, Sea Salt, Seasoning
Prep Time: 5 minutes
We've tried several brands of cajun seasoning blends and none of them were quite right for our taste or some used regular salt; where we prefer sea salt. So, after a lot of trial and error of proportions and ingredients we came up with, what we feel, is an amazing blend of flavors that can be used for a lot of different dishes but especially those where you hope to achieve a Cajun taste. 
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  • Place all ingredients in a small-medium mixing bowl. Use a whisk to break up clumps. Mix until well combined. Place into a dredge, spice bottle, or container of your choice.


We hope you enjoy this blend. It is fun making your own.